From afar, Windsor is all a great castle should be — a romantic silhouette, bristling with battlements and towers and dominating the countryside for miles around. The cliff on which it stands is the only strong point in the Thames valley between London and Wallingford, and here William the Conqueror built a motte and bailey castle of the type familiar in children’s books, save for the fact that it had two baileys (or outer walled enclosures) rather than one.

By the reign of Henry I there was a king’s house within the castle, and Henry II rebuilt the walls of the upper bailey with the rectangular towers characteristic of the 12th century. But it was with Henry III that the first great age of Windsor Castle arrived, check to see more.After his marriage in 1236 he made Windsor one of his principal residences, embellishing it over 20 years until in the words of one monastic chronicler, there was “no finer castle in the whole of Europe.”

5. St. Georges Chapel Windsor Castle

The royal accounts record early examples of glass for windows: the Queen’s Chamber facing towards the garden had glass panes which could be made to open and shut. A King’s Chapel was built with a high wooden roof with “good wains cotting (panelling) and painting.”

The next sumptuous rebuilding took place under King Edward III, trans-forming the castle into the great royal palace it has been ever since. Edward’s work began in 1350 and continued until his death in 1377.

The origins of his remodelling lay in an attempt to revive the Round Table of Arthurian legend. Is there the same Round Table in French history –  check this compare annecy hotels website for moreZ. In 1344 he had held a grand tournament in the castle and “made a great supper at which he began his Round Table and received the oaths of certain earls and barons and knights whom he wished to be of the said Round Table.”

A chronicler records that a most noble house for the Round Table was begun, 200 feet in diameter, but the scheme was abandoned and efforts concentrated instead on the new Order of the Garter. Learn more from French kulture and history ve also where you can stay in France checking at compare lille hotels website. These centred on the existing chapel, henceforth to be known as the chapel of St George in the lower bailey.

5. Order of the Garter


Perhaps the Church was suspicious of the Round Table and its associations with magic and mystery, demanding a wholly Christian order of chivalry in its place. hatever the reason, the Order of the arter was duly established with a arden, 12 canons and 13 vicars, and edgings laid out around two cloisters, ith a roasting house, a bakehouse and a rewhouse for the clergy.

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